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The Rocks



Bass we can!
"The Rocks" is a versatile, universal concept for basses that enable a customised construction and time-coherent adaptation to various loudspeakers.
The bass module can be equipped with 4- or 9-ohm Accuton bass chassis.
Variations with a smaller enclosure and just one woofer are possible, as well as with bigger woofers.
The above photo shows the bass module for the loudspeaker model "myro Whisky". 
"Whisky On The Rocks"







 Our current Project

for Studios and high-end HIFI

as passive monitor and

with Sauermann amp module


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 myro "Black Pearl" Limited Edition




Tweeter: Accuton C25 ultra hard ceramic dome
Midrange: Accuton C50 ultra hard ceramic dome
Bass: Visaton AL 170 aluminium cone
Bass reflex F-3: ≈ 41 Hz
Enclosure: H x B x T: 88 x 19 x 24,5
Colour: Black is beautiful





 Audio Int'l Project for High End 2016




                    - Tweeter: big Air Motion Transformer with Horn / Dipole
                    - Base Midrange: Audio Technology 15"
                    - Enclosure Design: Bass Reflex / Downfire (Tuning Frequency 27 Hz)
                    - Bass Enclosure: Side View = Parallelogram with 5-degree Inclination
                    - Efficiency: 94 dB
                    - Time-coherent Overal Concept

                    On display at: Audio Int´l Vertriebs GmbH / Hall 4 P15


               "All is wright"

                    German Test-Report hifitest.de





New Project for Studio & Home High End



 Debut by "Zähl Elektronik-Tontechnik" at the SUPERBOOTH16 in FUNKHAUS BERLIN from 31. March to 2. APRIL 2016. 







Genuin Audio Pulse tested by HIFISTATEMENT

Quote: "This transformer really does everything right."


Genuin Pulse in AUDIO TEST

Our loudspeaker went through rigorous testing by Erik Schober for the current edition of AUDIO TEST magazine 03/2016. He wrote: "Genuin Pulse sounds world-class. Only few loudspeakers are able to deliver the large spectrum of frequencies so meticulously clean in playback. This is how we expect perfect High-End loudspeakers to be!"




Accuton C30-6-358, Accuton Cell C168-6-990, Accuton Cell AS250-4-552